About Africa Utility Technology Council (AUTC):

Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC) is the newest regional operation of the global Utilities Technology Council (UTC).

UTC is a global trade association dedicated to creating a favorable business, regulatory, and technological environment for companies that own, manage, or provide critical telecommunications systems in support of their core business. Founded in 1948 to advocate for the allocation of additional radio spectrum for power utilities, UTC has evolved into a dynamic organization that represents electric, gas, and water utilities; natural gas pipelines; critical infrastructure companies; and other industry stakeholders. From its headquarters in downtown Washington, DC, UTC provides information, products and services that help members:

  • Manage their telecommunications and information technology more effectively and efficiently;
  • Voice their concerns to legislators and regulators;
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities linked to deregulation worldwide; and
  • Network with other telecom and IT professionals.

AUTC members are electric,  water, gas and heating utilities of all sizes and ownership types such as: investor-owned, municipal, cooperative and federal utilities.

AUTC serves utilities as the unbiased, knowledgeable and trusted adviser on telecommunications, IT, devices, services, OT and cybersecurity

UTC is the leader in helping any utility increase value through modernization by:

  • Enhancing safety, reliability and operational excellence objectives
  • Collaborating to share global knowledge, experiences and best practices insights
  • Supporting utilities by providing a range of services from topic consulting to training
  • Advocating on behalf of our members to policy makers, legislators and regulator

Mission Statement:

UTC is the source and resource for information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, collaboration, and advocacy for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries.

The AUTC business model is comprised of:

  • A Board of Africa Utility Advisors setting the direction, strategy and activities of the association.
  • Members of the Advisory Board are representatives of Charter Utility Members of Africa UTC, together with representation from UTC.
  • The Board of Advisors elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman who set the strategic direction of AUTC and represent the Africa region on the UTC Global Advisory Council
  • AUTC maintains formal constitution appropriate for a non-profit international trade association within South Africa using a set of operating principles which meet the requirements of UTC
  • AUTC contracts with a Director of Operations reporting to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Advisors
  • All back office functions including membership, finance and other association management activities are sourced to a professional association management company based in South Africa.