Month: January 2018

Mouse Ears

My family and I took a belated holiday vacation this past week to Disney World. We’ve been before so knew what to expect: 1) our girls being over-the-top excited; 2) my husband and I being over-the-top excited about seeing our girls excited (and, yes, revisiting our childhoods a bit); 3) eating too many Disney French fries (they make really good fries there, seriously); 4) walking ungodly amounts of steps and, as a result, being exhausted…
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  Okay, well, remember I live in the D.C.-metropolitan area, not Minnesota like our esteemed Chairwoman Kathy Nelson, and we are experiencing some icy temps here as well as excessive wind, but the snow is to a minimum. So it might be blizzard with a lower-case “b.” Nonetheless, it is cold. And, to add to the cold weather, I also have a cold. Not the most inspiring way to start the new year, but…that sounds real…
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