Abstract - Rural utilities have been struggling with a potentially shrinking electrical market due to the lack of broadband communications in their service territories. This is coupled with a need for large investments to fund smart grid backhaul communications. This is occurring in a time frame that has shown the FCC has proven they are not focused on providing dedicated spectrum for utility operations, while the public Telco companies have not been committed to providing reliable mission critical high speed communications in rural areas. Utility operational bandwidth needs continue to rise quickly as DER and DA applications are added to the electrical grid along with a need for substation modernization, mobile workforce management, and wireless AMI, while adding more physical and cyber security solutions to the network. Recent fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) initiatives at many rural utilities have proven to be commercially successful for supplying residential and commercial broadband, as well as a great driver of rural economic growth.  One major additional benefit is a truly scalable ubiquitous backhaul network for Operational Technology (OT) communications to every meter location in the electrical service territory. This presentation explores the tools needed to develop an overarching business case and pro forma income and balance sheets for a FTTH broadband initiative that also takes into account the operational scalability needs for the utility of the future.

Abstract - Broadband network upgradation and deployment challenges and counter measurements. presentations from Juned Noonari, Fujitsu Network Communications


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