Month: June 2017


I made my way to Cape Town, South Africa, the week after UTC’s annual conference, in order to participate in African Utility Week, along with Kathy Nelson, UTC’s new Chair of the Board, Bobbi Harris, UTC’s VP of Market Strategy and Development, Bob Lockhart, UTC’s VP of Cybersecurity, Technology, and Research, and Peter Moray, UTC’s Director, Global Development. In late 2015, UTC launched an African affiliate – the Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC). Given that…
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UTC Annual Telecom and Technology Conference Part Deux

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In reviewing my previous blog on the conference, it seems more comprehensive than I thought it would be given the “travel fog” I was in at the time of drafting (go me! – or, in reality, go the copious amounts of caffeine I was drinking!). So, I will spend a short time touching on one important item in more detail. In my next blog, I will talk about all things Africa Utilities Technology Council and…
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