Month: May 2017

UTC Telecom and Technology Part 1

Telecom Part one Feature PIcture
As I write this I am at Dulles airport about to board a plane to Cape Town, SA, via Amsterdam. My flight was supposed to leave at this time yesterday, but airlines being what they are these days, my trip got screwed up and I had to leave today instead. The plus is that I got to spend the entire Mothers' Day with my girls and husband, and the minus is that I will miss…
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Firsts and Lasts

As I write this, I am five days past my one-year anniversary as UTC’s President and CEO, and five days out from the UTC annual conference, where I met many of you for the first time last year. I also recently completed my UTC “world-tour” by attending the U.S. Region 5 meeting in Bismarck, North Dakota, from April 18-21. As I reflect on the last year, I can sum up my experience in a few…
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