Month: March 2017

In like a lion…out like a small lion?

I’m writing this blog on March 30, in overcast, chilly D.C., as I prepare to head to Salvador, Brazil on April 1, to participate in the UTC America Latina (UTCAL) annual summit. I’m hoping that, when I return on April 8, the lamb will have made its appearance because I’ll be used to sunshine and warmth after a week in Brazil! As for the “lion” that can be said to symbolize the extremely active legislative…
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March Madness

No, this will not be a blog about the NCAA tournament, especially since my alma mater, Vanderbilt, lost in a heart-breaker in the first round.  But, I got your attention, right?  Also, did I mention that my husband went to UK, so at least I can fall back on supporting one of the greatest college basketball programs of all time… This blog is somewhat aptly named because I have about five or six issues percolating…
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